Some of the main goals of the cryptocurrency industry are to decentralise, revolutionise and offer investors alternative investment opportunities. It should come as no surprise that cryptocurrency is looking to disrupt the Hollywood film industry.

With that said, a token called 21 Million aims to address alleged issues such as plagiarism, fake news, monopoly, pay inequality and nepotism in the film industry by giving a platform to true artists.

What is 21 Million?

The 21 Million project is a decentralised ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain, where those involved in the process of film production control their own IP and eliminate the middlemen.

21 Million is also a TV series about cryptocurrencies. We are talking about guns blazing, conspiracy theories, shaken not stirred martinis and of course, justice for all. The story is about a CIA analyst, Benjamin Neavis who tragically loses everything when he is captured by a terrorist organisation. They force him to use the Bitcoin network to work on an algorithm that will disrupt the world’s current financial systems and hit the stinking rich 1% of the world where it matters most. Somehow, he manages to escape and is now being hunted down by both the company he used to work for and the underworld who want him dead. In the process, Neavis is falsely accused of various crimes and he now has to attempt to clear his name. Unknowing to our hero is the fact that if he clears his name, the world banking industry will be destroyed and time is not on his side. The story takes Neavis all over the world and when he finally ends up in China, he comes to the realisation that the only way to stop this disaster from taking place, is to find out who the real Satoshi Nakamoto is by assembling a computer code. The decision rests with Neavis. How exciting!

Lights, camera, action

The 21 Million project is your chance to get into the director’s chair and contribute to the making of this show. Normally one needs an average of $100 million dollars to make a Hollywood film and get by the middlemen, but with 21 Million unnecessary costs are cut and the financing of the show will be made possible through blockchain technology and the sale of tokens.

This series will be a first as locals from every country Neavis visits, will be hired to work on the specific episode. This includes a writer, director, cast and crew. The staff will be paid with 21 Million tokens (21MCoin). This is really exciting as crypto enthusiasts all over the world will get an opportunity to participate. Contributors can even make online donations. Another advantage to this type of casting is that the viewers at home will get to see what a specific country is like from another point of view. The story will go a long way to educate the world about Bitcoin revolution.

And the Oscar goes to…

Nick Ayton is the CEO and has vast experience in blockchain technology and decentralised business management. He holds senior positions in CapGemini, Siemens and CSC. David Lofts is the executive producer and will be releasing a book titled Children of Satoshi at the same time as the pilot for the series is released.

Amongst the production crew, we have Martin ‘Youth’ Clover who has worked with Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, U2, The Verve amongst others. He will be heading the show as Music Supervisor. Johnathan Stahl is the Script Supervisor. He has worked on shows such as Veep, Young Adult, and Emmy-nominated Eastsiders.

2018 Roadmap

2018 will be a busy year for the team from 21 Million. The cast was announced in 2017 and the pilot screenplay was written. Here is the roadmap for 2018:

  • January – Release trailer
  • February – Confirm distribution
  • March – Pilot pre-production
  • April/May – Shoot pilot
  • June/July – Edit pilot
  • August – Score pilot
  • September – Final cut and pilot will be released

Where can I buy 21 Million tokens?

The coin is currently trading on Cryptopia and even though it recently reached an all-time high of $2.50, it is currently trading at 70c.

The project aims to return 80% of profits to coin holders. If you hold onto your 21MCoin Tokens, you will get royalties. This is exciting if one keeps in mind that there is also a movie in the works following the 12-episode TV series.

The 21 Million ICO took place in June 2017. During the ICO stage, 21 million coins were budgeted for operational purposes.

For news and updates, follow 21 Million on Facebook,   and the 21 Million website. Click here for the whitepaper.

*Please note this is not financial advice and is meant for educational purposes.