The leading Bitcoin mining hardware supplier in South Africa

About Bitmart

About Bitmart

Bitmart is the leading Bitcoin mining hardware supplier in South Africa and the first walk-in retail store dedicated to blockchain mining on the continent. We are pioneers in the decentralised currency market, and we pride ourselves in making your introduction to crypto mining a seamless process.

Founded by Jacques Serfontein, our company has brought cryptocurrency miner hosting solutions to the broader South African market since 2015. His expertise and extensive experience in the electronic fintech marketplace created the perfect platform for us to hit the ground running as an influential South African start-up. We are, therefore, proud to say that his influence has helped us build an international brand that crosses multiple borders.

We currently service all the corners of the globe and boast a faithful client base in Abu Dhabi, Australia, Canada, England, the EU, Japan, New Zealand, North America, and Sri Lanka, to name a few. As such, we have put South Africa firmly on the map as a destination of influence in the decentralised mining sphere.

At Bitmart, we specialise in selling cryptocurrency mining hardware and blockchain products. The assortment of accessories ranges from mining rigs to wallets, crypto merchandise, and other hosting solutions. Here is what you can expect to see on our shelves:

  • ASIC mining machines
  • GPU Mining Rigs (Various hash rates)
  • Hardware Wallets
  • Graphics Cards and other mining-related components
  • Mining management software
  • Merchandise and memorabilia items such as crypto branded watches, t-shirts, caps, and more.
  • We also offer services to businesses who want to integrate crypto purchasing protocols into their business model.

We only procure and build top-end products, which ensures that you get the best value for your money. Bitmart is a licensed retailer of recognised brands like Avalon Miners, Ledger Wallets, Trezors, KeepKey, and blockchain-based products.

There is no other store in the country that will provide you with ready-to-go Bitcoin mining equipment like this. We take the pain out of the process of building and servicing rigs and provide convenient after-sales services on all your warranties too.

Come into the store or shop online for your convenience. We currently accept payment in cash, EFT, Credit Card, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and many more.


Pioneers in the decentralised currency market.

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The Community

However, Bitmart is more than just a store! It’s a community where aspiring Bitcoin mining professionals come together to share, and aspiring entrepreneurs come to learn. We are, therefore, driven to provide a hub that sees to all your cryptocurrency needs from A-Z, through personal interaction.

Our educational seminars provide all you need to know about the marketplace. We cover everything from the basics of Bitcoin to more advanced cryptocurrency trading techniques. So, whether you are only just starting out in this fintech industry or have a few notches in your belt already, we can help you in some way, shape, or form.

At the core of our community stands our staff of crypto experts. Each is dedicated to ensuring that you have every tool you need to make a success of your mining venture. Therefore, not only will you be met with a smile, but with a wealth of knowledge and experience about the cryptocurrency realm. Our team is always willing to give pointers and advice so that you get the most out of your buy. Education is key and we believe that teaching indivduals risk management and proper market analysis skills will help them make better informed decisions and avoid scams.

Meet the Team

Our team is strengthened by top specialists in their field. These members work together to make sure that the goods and services we provide always maintain the highest standards so that we can enjoy success at the highest level.

Jacques Serfontein

Chief Executive Officer

As the founder and vision holder for the company, Jacques provides the business with strategic operational leadership on a financial and practical management level. His close work with both the board of directors and the senior leadership team ensures a focussed mandate that clearly drives the company forward.

Jacques has 16 years of prior experience in the electronic fintech industry. He was previously the CEO of a reputable and successful web development company. His skills translate well to our business model and help us remain in the driving seat for crypto mining on our continent. He graduated Cum-Laude in his class at UCT for a Blockchain and Digital Currency Course.

Marcus van der Merwe

Managing Director

Marcus’ primary evolvement in the business is to oversee the company’s entire business operation. His close work together with the CEO provides a strong leadership model for the rest of our crew. His liaisons with the stakeholders in the company are important for business strategy and overall company growth.

Marcus’ years of experience at a senior management level combined with out-of-the-box thinking, plays a critical role in Bitmart’s current lead in the industry. Together with our leadership structure, Marcus has helped build a dynamic business community that appeals to our niche client base, perfectly.

Carla Vermaak

Financial Director

When it comes to money management, Carla is our lady. Her strong administrational background and a keen eye for figures make her our mainstay in the office. She oversees/administrates all transactions in and out of the business so that we can present accurate financial reports yearly. This way, we remain compliant with the revenue services.

Thinus Venter

Chief Technical Officer & Director

Arguably the best crypto mining rig technician in the country, Thinus’ engineering abilities enable us to provide a world-class product upon assembly. His expertise on the technical front ensures that repairs and maintenance of our systems are always up to scratch. Thinus’ involvement with the company helps us stay at cutting edge of technology. He is a powerhouse when it comes to the research, development, and innovation of products and services.

Cecelia Seymor

Compliance Officer

Cecelia has a background in law. This makes her the perfect candidate to look after the onboarding of all our new customers. Contract terms, FICA, FIC, and AML compliance are no walk in the park. Thankfully, our senior leadership team can rest assured that all of that is managed and resolved efficiently thanks to her expertise.

Jedske Serfontein

Jedske Serfontein

POPI Compliance and Admin

New laws in South Africa require that all South African businesses conduct themselves in a responsible manner when collecting personal information from their customers and clients. This all falls under the stringent new POPI Act. Jedske ensures compliance of such at Bitmart. This means that you, our clients, can rest easy knowing that your personal information is secure in our hands.

Gwen Calitz

Administrative Clerk

A business like ours demands that we offer a diversity of products and services to the public. As such, we need people in our team who are willing to perform diverse functions. Gwen is our go-to team member when it comes to multi-tasking. She is an expert at balancing various important functions all at once. Her strong organisational skills and administrative drive help keep us performing at an optimum level as a company.

Natasha Gardiner

Social Media Admnistrator

Natasha is responsible for creating and managing Bitmart’s social media presence on various platforms. This includes creating and scheduling posts, interacting with followers, monitoring and analyzing metrics, and creating and implementing social media strategies to increase engagement and to grow Bitmart’s audience.