AntROUTER R1 Manual

Bitmart is dedicated to Bitcoin mining decentralization, it is the first product of Bitcoin Internet of Things we sell.

When you first configure your new R1, you should make sure it is properly linked to your Registered Antpool Email Address not your user ID. This happens automatically if you purchase from as we do the setup for you, but if you obtain the R1 elsewhere, you will need to link your account manually.

USB Port

Can act as a phone charger, or you can connect a USB miner (U3 ONLY).

Bitcoin Mining Indicator LED

Lights up when powering up, blinks when mining.

WiFi Indicator LED

Lights up when wifi is ready, blinks when data is transmitting by wireless LAN.

Reset Button

A five second long press will reset the R1 to it default settings.

WAN/LAN port

Links to your local area network to serve as a WiFi access provider (as PPPoE ROUTER).

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage                                     100V-220V

Input Current                                     0.2A

WiFi Standard                                    802.11g/n

WiFi Band                                            2.4G

WiFi Transmission Rate                  150M

USB Charge Voltage                        5.0V

USB Charge Current                        Max to 2A

Dimensions                                       84.5 *56.5 * 29mm

Bitcoin Mining Mode                      AntPool solo mode (forced)

Bitcoin Hashrate                               5.5G

Surface Temperature                     40⁰ C about (in a 25⁰ C environment)

Function 1 – Bitcoin Solo Miner

AntRouter R1 was designed to mine in AntPools solo mode. If you find a block, you’ll receive around 25 bitcoins.  To get this huge reward, you’ll need to keep your R1 online and working correctly, and you’ll need some good fortune. Good Luck!

After linking the R1 to your to Antpool Registered Email Account, the device can mine continuously as long as it has power and an internet connection. You will be notified by email when you find a block.

Please log into to check the linking with your account. If you have linked your device correctly, you will see “AntRouter” under “Miners” on the navbar. To link it, you need to power on the R1, and find the Wi-Fi access point named “antRouter” in the wireless access list on your computer or phone. Connect to it and open the management page in your browser with the URL “”.The default login credentials are username “root” and password “root”. On the management page, click “Miners” on the navbar, input your Antpool registered e-mail NOT YOUR SUB ACCOUNT OR ANTPOOL ACCOUNT ID YOU USE IN YOUR MINER CONFIGURATION, then click “Save & Apply” to save.

If you don’t yet have a Antpool Account, you’ll need to register one first on

Mining with the R1 will also earn you more “mining score.”

Function 2 – Mini WiFi Access Point

WiFi Access Point device can turn cabled internet access in to wireless, and it is the default operation mode of the R1. Connect your R1 to a router, hub, or any RJ45 port with available internet access, and enjoy your own WiFi access point.

If you want to change WiFi password, log into the management system, navigate to Network >WiFi > Interface Configuration >Wireless Security, choose “WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK Mixed Mode”, and set a password (8 or more characters), then save and apply your changes. If you want to change router password, log into the management system, navigate to System > Administration > Router Password, input new password, save and apply.

Function 3 – High Speed USB Charger

Using a USB cable, connect your mobile device to the R1 to charge it. Android phones, iPhone, and tablets are supported.

Function 4 – General Wireless Router

R1 is also a normal dialing router, it can access the internet via your service provider (ISP) after simple configuration.

Configuration Method

Connect Ethernet cable (which is connected to ISP), and log into the management system.  Click Network >Interfaces > WAN on the navbar (as pictured below) to access the WAN.

Change Protocol to PPPoE, then click “Switch Protocol”, Save and Apply.  Enter your ISP provider username at “PAP/CHAP username”, enter password at “PAP/CHAP password”, then click Save and Apply”, and then enjoy surfing the web after one minute.

Function 5 – Bitcoin Mining Host

Besides mining by itself, R1 is also a mining host that can be connected to several U3 miners.  Your mining power will be significantly increased when you connect a U3 to the R1.

How To Use

Connect an Antminer U3 to the R1‘s USB port, then configure the U3’s pool and worker name in the management system to mine.

The U3 must be connected to the R1 by a USB hub, even when there is only one U3. One R1 can control several U3’s.


R1 has a one year limited warranty. Within 7 days of purchasing the product, you are entitled to a replacement for non-human-induced major failure.

Void Warranty

This warranty does not apply: to products which were purchased more than one year prior;

To damage cause by liquid contact, fire, earthquake or other external causes;

To damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse;

To damage Caused by service performed by anyone who is not a representative of Bitmart;

To cosmetic damage, including, but not limited to scratches, dents and broken plastics and ports.

Contact for After-Sale Service

Recipient: Bitmart After-Sale Service

Cellphone: +2782 5563705

Address: A1 Rapid Falls Value Centre, Riverside Industrial, Neslpruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa.