Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may still be in a bear market, but this has not put a damper on the number of Bitcoin ATMs that are being distributed across the globe. The number of Bitcoin ATMs has increased since November 2018.


Number of Bitcoin ATMs increase


According to Coin ATM Radar, a cryptocurrency teller locator, 209 tellers opened in November this year across the globe. But 68 were closed. During October, 150 ATMs were installed.


Coin ATM Radar gives a breakdown of which countries have the most Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ATMs. 70 of the new machines were installed in the United States. Currently, there are more than 2 240 ATMs located in the United States. In second place is Austria with 17 ATMs and Canada with 16 ATMs.


For the first time, South Korea, Peru and Albania got their first Bitcoin ATMs also during November. The ATMs in Peru and Albania are from General Bytes that are based in Prague. On the other hand, the ATM in South Korea is from DOBI ATM which is a South Koreans business.


It is interesting to note that General Bytes has thus far installed the most ATMs across the globe. 80 ATMs to be exact.


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Bitcoin and cryptos being accepted around the world


A steady increase in the number of Bitcoin ATMs that are being installed around the world is an indication that Bitcoin and cryptos are more widely being accepted.


In recent news, it seems as if India may pretty soon legalize cryptocurrencies in the country. Also, reports have been received that Facebook is also looking at creating its very own cryptocurrency.


There is a total of 4 042 ATMs across the globe that accept Bitcoin whilst ATMs that accept alt coins, have increased by 59% during November this year.

Bitcoin ATMs in South Africa

South Africa is no stranger to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Sandton City in Johannesburg has a Bitcoin ATM. Meanwhile, Nelspruit’s Bitmart also boasts with its own Bitcoin ATM.

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