There has been a lot of fears regarding Bitcoin about stuff like Segwit , Forks (August 1st), and Bitcoin Unlimited (November).All of this FUD(fear, uncertainty , doubt) is due to misleading information, partial information and rumours. I will cover what they mean.

A “fork” is a technical work used by developers in open source projects. All it means is a Software update, hence a possible disruption like what happens when you update your computer from a newer verion of Windows.

There are two kind of Forks:

Hard Fork – This requires critical updates and bitcoins, like programs, they need to have it in order to run flawlessly. This is a good thing for bitcoin in the long term.

Soft Fork, as the name suggest, isn’t mandatory and requires lesser update priority. Bitcoins and programs can continue to run, without disruption. Also GOOD for bitcoins long term.

SegWit2x means 2mb block sizes  (soft fork) and Bitcoin Unlimited (hard fork) are 2 camps divided into what they need to do. Both options have equal number of pros and cons. Mostly has to do with Block sizing, and the fork of BTC and BTU.
Depending on where you hold your Bitcoins one out of three things can happen:
>All of your Bitcoins will become BTC only
>You will have doubled your coins and get an equal amount of BTC and BTU

This MAY cause the price of Bitcoins to drop least initially. Overall, Bitcoins will continue to rise.
For maximum security, if you have a lot of bitcoins, use TREZOR or Ledger cold storage. For small investors, use Electrum or Exodus, a self hosted wallet in which you have a private key to. Both of these options supports BTC and BTU.
Second, get your bitcoins out of Coinbase, Kraken, BitPay, and BlockChain in which Roger Ver is heavily invested into. (His agenda is a political one rather than technical, so I will not explain here for simplicity’s sake. He supports Bitcoin Unlimited..a hard fork). This way if a fork does happen you will own both currencies and won’t need to succumb to any exchange or wallet desires.

Last, if this concerns you a great deal, invest in Altcoins like Ethereum, Ltc and Ripple until the dust settles. It will be much less impacted