The newly launched Bitmart Masternode Fund offers clients all the rewards associated with mining and more without the power cost. The fund allows clients to reap the rewards of a masternode whilst Bitmart takes care of administration, trades and new prospective nodes.

Why invest in the Bitmart Masternode Fund

The Bitmart Masternode Fund is administered and managed by a team of professionals at Bitmart. The great thing about the service is that it takes the hassle out of setting up and administering a node.

It is a great way of earning a passive income since nodes are more stable than miners and does not have big fluctuations in the price of the coin. It also excludes costly electricity bills.

In case you wish to stop earning from a node, you can liquidate the node to get your capital back. It is easy to sell your coins since you can do so one an exchange or wallet.

You can invest any amount from R15 000 and more into a node.

How does it work?

If you are want to invest in the Bitmart Masternode Fund, all you have to do is register on the website.

Register here.

Bitmart will be in contact with you to assist with the setup of your account as well as payment. You will be given a Bitcoin address via email to which you must deposit the amount you wish to invest. You will be provided with an investor number and a copy of the investment contract. A monthly subscription is compulsory in order to maintain your holdings.

Remember that the Bitmart Masternode Fund is a non-regulated financial instrument. Payouts will take place on a monthly basis. However, a percentage of your earnings will be re-invested to make the node grow even more.

Benefits of investing in the Bitmart Masternode Fund

  • If you have ever tried to setup a node yourself, you will know that it is no small feat. Setting up a masternode is difficult and requires some technical know-how. Bitmart will take care of the setup as well as wallet management.
  • The experts at Bitmart will sell and buy the node coins at specific times to ensure maximum profit.
  • Bitmart will also look at the liquidation of nodes and restructuring. The profitability of nodes are frequently revisited to ensure maximum profit.
  • We would like to give each client the peace of mind that an expert is keeping an eye on their investment. This way you will never miss a profitable opportunity.
  • By means of continuous research into current and up and coming nodes, you can be sure that you will receive the best node service and stay clear of scam nodes.
  • Monthly payouts will be made in Bitcoin.
  • Investors need no previous trading experience.
  • Earn between 5 – 15% per month.
  • Bitmart Masternode Service offers the best risk spread in the node market.

How much does it cost?

Costs associated with the Bitmart Masternode Fund include a R3 500 setup and joining fee as well as R199 per month per client for administration of the fund. A minimum deposit of $1 000 (ZAR 150 000) is required.

Bitmart will re-invest 80% of the staked profits at the end of every month and investors will receive a 20% payout. A 10% management fee on all staked rewards is also charged per month.

For more info, contact Bitmart on 087 095 3431 or email