Meet the Team

Bitmart’s team of experts specializes in all the required fields to ensure you have a super awesome experience and to aid you in every step of the way. Our Electrical Engineer and Network Specialists will be able to help plan your projects whilst our Finance and Insurance Manager can help with the financial aspects of your cryptocurrency project.

Jacques Serfontein

Bitmart CEO, Jacques Serfontein talks about cryptocurrency regulations

CEO & Sales

Marketing & Sales

Jacques Serfontein is a specialist in sales & marketing and also handles most of the day to day running of the company.

Cindy Serfontein


Finance & Insurance Manager

Social Media & Finance Department

Cindy Serfontein is a F&I Manager and UCT Graduate in Digital Marketing and bares the following qualifications: F&I Induction Accreditation FAIS 1, Accreditation FAIS 2, Accreditation FAIS 3, Accreditation FAIS 4, Accreditation FAIS 5, Accreditation Inseta Full Retail, Qualification RE 5, Regulatory Exams, NCA Accreditation, Hollard Long Term Insurance Accreditation, Hollard Short Term Insurance Accreditation, Pinafrica Insurance Accreditation, Abew Autobody Warranty Accreditation, Tyre & Rim Warranty Accreditation, Motorite Product Proficiency, Commissioner of Oaths, Digital Marketing Certification from University of Cape Town.

Bryan Casson


Google Adwords

No1 Google Adwords Expert in Africa

Bryan Casson is one of Googles Top Trainers in Africa and a specialist in Google Adwords – He manages Bitmart’s Google Adwords account.

Lourien Jenkinson


Financial Manager

Accounts Department

Lourien Jenkinson is a financial manager at Bitmart and ensures smooth operations on the accounting side.

Philip Csaplar


PHP Developer

Portal & PHP Developer

Philip Csaplar is our PHP developer and is a specialist in developing customized systems such as the Bitmart Portal.

Roelof Loots


Website Developer

Senior WordPress Developer

Roelof Loots is a senior WordPress developer and has been developing website projects with Jacques Serfontein since early 2007.

Conor Campbel


Website Developer

Senior WordPress Developer

Conor Campbel is a WordPress customization specialist and manages the worldwide integrations section of Bitmart’s global footprint and websites.

Jan Louis Strydom


Technical Engineer

Repairs & Maintenance

Jan Louis is our resident technician and handles repair tickets and technical support to customers.