Greetings everyone!

We have been contacted in the past by numerous people selling their Bitcoin Mining Hardware on platforms like OLX, Gumtree and various other forums where people sell secondhand goods. Now the main issues we get is people tend to get ripped off by buyers that pay with payment methods which can be reversed and then the seller is out of pocket. Buyers get ripped off by people selling Bitcoin miners and then when the machine arrives some of the ASIC Chips are burnt or the device is faulty or the power supply is damaged.

To help our community and stand for fair trade in the Bitcoin community we have decided to launch our Bitmart Shepherd Service.

How it Works:

A Seller would send us the photos of his hardware he wishes to sell and the price wishes to advertise at. Bitmart will then advertise the hardware on behalf of the seller and find a buyer. The buyer will place his order for the hardware through our SSL secured online shop here : Once we have all the buyers info and he has made payment via the trusted sources Bitmart provides, VCS Credit & Debit Card transactions, EFT or Bitcoin then only do we notify the seller that we have a buyer. The Seller then sends us the machine and we test the machine for the buyer and sends him screenshots of the miner status as well as check the hardware for any faults and problems, we do a full report to the buyer and only when he is happy do we conclude the deal and pay the seller.

Bitmart will require the seller to courier the hardware to us.
Bitmart charges 15% for the Shepherd service.

To make use of our Shepherd Service please email your photos and prices to

Please note if Bitmart repairs any items for the owner we reserve our rights as follows:

All repairs done if not paid for will result in the items being discarded. If Bitmart pays on your behalf and you do not pay for the repairs Bitmart Reserves the right to sell the entire unit to recover costs and Bitmart will not be held liable for damage or loss.