Hardware Mining – Pros

  • You Own the hardware and can sell it to recover capital at any time.
  • You can claim hardware depreciation through a business saving on Tax
  • You control whether you mine or not and if you find a way to get cheap power or don’t pay for power you can mine indefinitely

Hardware Mining – Cons

  • You have to purchase the hardware and wait for delivery.
  • You cant claim hardware depreciation as an individual to save on Tax
  • You need to ensure your machine is always powered, your internet works and your hardware stays safe.

Cloud Mining – Pros

  • You simply buy increments of hashing power starting from as little as $19 per 0.1Ths.
  • You get paid out daily and can adjust your focus in terms of Terahashes to multiple crypto currencies.
  • You are not bound by your countries inability to provide stable power or internet.

Cloud Mining Cons

  • You never own the hardware.
  • Cost per Terrahash is much higher than buying the hardware.
  • Your contract only ensures an income for as long as it stays profitable to mine according to the cloud mining host.

Buy a Cloud Mining Contract


Buy a Cloud Mining Contract from as low as $19

  • 0.1 Terrahash@ R323 per 0.1 Terrahash

Buy the S9 Vindicator

R69 999

Start Mining Bitcoin Today by Owning the hardware!

  • 13 Terrahash