Mining cryptocurrencies is a great way to earn a steady passive income. However, several organizations have gone the extra mile and are fully utilizing features of crypto miners so that cryptocurrencies and agriculture can work together.

Cryptocurrencies and agriculture

An organization called NakamotoX is currently experimenting with Cryptomatoes. They do this by using the excess heat generated by the miners to grow tomatoes. Recently the co-founder, Kamil Brejcha posted on Twitter about the project and explained how it works.

They have a special house for the mining hardware that is located underneath the greenhouse. The heat is then sent up to the tomatoes. The project has yielded five-acres. It is currently still in an experimental phase but it is very exciting!

In addition, Kamil hopes to sell these Cryptomatoes in shops in the near future.

Agri-cryptocurrency tokens

Furthermore, another cryptocurrency project that is working together with the agriculture sector, is BUZZcoin.

What’s it about?

As you may know, the bee population is declining across the globe. First of all, it’s a known fact that bees are responsible for the planet’s food chain supply.

BUZZcoin, which is a non-profit blockchain implementation project, wants to use blockchain technology in current beehives to collect data. This way, the project will support various existing efforts to save the world’s bee population.  The data about the hive’s health will be uploaded onto a blockchain using smart hive technology. Hence this data will be made available to government agencies, scientific studies, research institutes and other parties who can benefit from the valuable data and help save the bee population. Also, beekeepers who participate will be rewarded with BUZZcoins. It is being said that this project can revolutionize the beekeeping industry.

The project’s first products include the BUZZcoin Hive Mind Device and the Queen Middleware Masternode. These will ensure that beehives are monitored and maintained according to ethical beekeeping standards.

Proof of Stake Coin

BUZZcoin is a proof of stake coin which means that you are eligible to get ROI (Return On Investment) for holding the coin. Also, the current ROI is calculated at 46.1%. Click on the link to check out the official BUZZcoin explorer that shows the latest ROI and maturation time.

According to Coinmarketcap, the current price of a BUZZcoin is $0.000133.

Read the whitepaper here.

Buzzing in the beehive

The team consists of Austin Witherow as the Head Maintainer, Maxim Polyarniy as the head strategist and someone named Tonda as the head developer. Furthermore, it is said that Tonda has 25 years of experience in the programming industry.

In addition, as far as the roadmap is concerned, quarter 2 of 2018 will be a busy one for the bees. Their schedule includes the following:

  • BC-HMD Prototype Development Details Release
  • BUZZcore Upgrade
  • BC-HMD Function Implementation
  • BC-HMD Masternode Specifications Release
  • Announcing Major Business Partnerships for the BC-HMD Production

Finally, the coin is currently listed on, Trade Satoshi and Crex24. The maximum supply is 20 billion.  You can buy BUZZcoin with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge and Litecoin.

In conclusion, blockchain technology is extremely exciting and the possibilities are truly endless. Finally, blockchain technology can be utilized in almost every industry to assist with transaction speed and as a decentralized database.