In this crazy Bitcoin fork market , all altcoins have taken a backseat, some alts have dropped in value and some remained as solid as rock, like Litecoin and Ethereum.

Today I am going to talk shortly about why Litecoin will have a major roll to play in the market.

Transaction Fees – Litecoin is so much cheaper to transfer than Btc at the moment, a Btc transaction costs around $7 to transfer. Now this is where Litecoin can come in and handle microtransactions for a fraction of the price. Today a Ltc transcation fee is $0.01 (one US Penny). This in itself makes Litecoin ready for mass adoption of microtransactionS.

Transaction Speed – Litecoin has the lightning network already implemented and transactions are almost instant.

Scalebility – Litecoin is scaled to handle much more than Bitcoin it has a 84million supply and with the lightning network no standing in line to wait for a transaction. In the last 24hours 68% of Ltc marketcap was used in transactions around 37million Litecoin was transferred without any transaction issues.

Devolopment team – Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin and is well known in the cryptoworld he is very active on twitter and news is given as soon as possible.

Atomic swaps – This is going to change how we do things in cryptocurrency imagine swapping Btc to Ltc without an exchange no third party involved this is still in development and will be implemented in coming months.

Smart contracts – Litecoin is in the development phase to implement smartcontracts on their blockchain like Ethereum, Stratis and Waves have to offer. Now why does this matter to an invester of Litecoin ? It comes down to supply when more litecoin is used supply comes down and Litecoin has a fixed supply of 84million.

After I looked at all this information I would definitely take Litecoin and add it to my crypto investment portfolio.

(We are not Investment advisors and cryptocurrency is highly volatile and should be traded at your own risk , never put in what you can’t afford to lose.)