Forex Seminar

Bitmart’s Forex Seminar allows for attendees to take control of their own wealth. Learn to trade and reap the rewards from your profits. Our seminars are hosted by Rudner de Witt – Bitmart’s Senior Trade Analyst who has been involved with Forex since a young age and has completed multiple courses to become a true expert.

What to Expect

Forex Seminar
Forex Seminar

EMA Cross

  • 50 EMA
  • 14 EMA

Seminar Contents

  1. Introduction to Forex
  2. Risks involved in Forex
  3. Major Currencies
    1. Spreads in Certain Pairs
  4. Technical Analysis
  5. Fundamental Analysis
  6. Japanese Candlesticks
    1. Line Charts
    2. Bar Charts
  7. Indicators + (Strategy)
    1. EMA
    2. TDI (Oscillators)
    3. Bollinger Bands
  8. Brokers
    1. Metatrader 4
  9. Application of the EMA strategy
  10. Demo Trading