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Genesis Hive

What is the Genesis Hive?

The Genesis Hive has been developed by Genesis Mining Co. as a web interface that allows you to easily setup, configure, monitor, and manage your Bitcoin or Altcoin mining farm. Think of it as the ultimate control panel to manage your rigs. Genesis Hive is copyright and belongs to the Genesis Mining Company – Bitmart does not own the Hive Software. We simply attain customers for Genesis Mining Co. that use the Hive Software and offer support to such clients in Southern Africa.


Bitmart has been installing and managing Bitcoin & Altcoin mining farms since early 2015 and we have had to cope with many factors that made running a Bitcoin mining farm a huge resource consuming operation. Having over site and being in control is fundamental to maximizing profits and to minimize costs.

Never before has it been so easy to setup and install a mining farm infrastructure of any size. The Hive will automatically detect your miners, add it to the system, and reconfigure it to your needs, independently of your network infrastructure.

Stay in constant control of your rigs from anywhere with a single dashboard. No matter where your farms and mining rigs are located across the globe. Work with detailed information such as hash rate, temperature, pool configuration, estimated power consumption and much more.

All your miners are easily set to any configuration profile you need. Perform bulk updates, pool changes, or setup automatic tasks according to your environmental requirements. All in a matter of minutes. Your perfect farm setup is just a few clicks away.

We at Bitmart have been developing systems and portals to achieve results for our clients since early 2015. This system has been brought to our clients courtesy of Genesis. We have been using it with great success to build and maintain our own mining farms as well as our client’s farms. The Hive monitoring tool is everything we hoped it would be. Having it is what enables us to run and expand our mining operations and that of our clients. They are constantly improving the Genesis Hive, preparing today’s large scale Bitcoin miners for tomorrow’s needs in the world of mining. We look forward to managing your mining farm through the Genesis Hive.

Jacques Serfontein

Mining just got super smart

Genesis Mining brings you the Genesis Hive

The features of the Genesis Hive will take you to the next level of mining.
No matter what Cryptocurrency you want to mine, Bitmart will help you manage your farm with Genesis’ Hive software.
Every one of these features is handcrafted to make your system secure, reliable and most efficient.

The All-In-One Dashboard

All your mining assets on a single page with detailed information.
Know exactly what is going on in your farms.

  • You can monitor the total hashrate of your rigs.
  • How many rigs are contributing to your hash rate.
  • What the health of each rig is.
  • Which rigs are under performing.
  • What temperature each rig is running at.
  • What is your total power consumption of the farm.

Being in control and informed is what optimizes your profitability.

Powerful Filters

Want to see all online Antminers in your farm in Sweden, that are deployed in Section 3 that have a low hash rate value? Interested to see, when this hash rate drop started so you can diagnose the situation? The Genesis Hive’s powerful filters enable you to carefully select any thinkable combination of rigs – all in one comfortable Graphical User Interface.

Adaptive Feedback

The selection summary shows you every important detail about your mining setup and live updates on every change. Whenever you use the filter to select miners, all according graphs and stats adopt to the range of selected rigs keeping you always up to date.

Miner Type Configuration

The Genesis­ Hive comes pre-configured for most of the existing mining hardware models and makes on the market. It works great with cgminer, but it is not limited to only cgminer. You can add new miner types in a few guided steps and create or modify the configuration file for them. The config builder will integrate your changes automatically across any miner type.

Smart Notifications

The Hive keeps the client and the technical team on the same page. Smart Notifications allow us to distribute specific problems to specific users. Your maintenance team will be informed at a hash rate drop of only a few percent, enabling them to keep the hashes at a stable high level. The rest of the team will get notified of big hash rate drops, making sure that the notification chain grows with the significance of the issue. Once everything is back to normal, everyone will get the all-clear.

Bulk Firmware Updates

Never let your miners run on outdated firmware versions again. The Hive constantly checks your miners‘ firmware and will offer to upgrade those rigs for you in the background. The Genesis team has also had customized firmware versions developed for most miner types that are optimized for large scale installations and will improve their stability by factors. These will be shared exclusively with all customers of Bitmart using Genesis Hive Product.

Automatic Deployment

Building a new farm from scratch has never been so easy. The Genesis Hive will watch the build-out process for you. If you are adding new devices, those will automatically be added to the system and configured according to your presets. This makes manual excessive configuration parties a thing of the past. Activate the Hive in your network and start mining by simply sliding your new rigs into the shelves.

Pool Guard

The Hive’s intelligent pool guard let’s you define a range by location of your rigs. Any miner in that range, whether it is a unconfigured existing device or a newly deployed miner will be kept mining at the pool setting of your choice.

Control is Key

Control freak? So are we! Perform any operations, like restart mining, reboot or switch pools on any of your miners in bulk – even across different miner types. There is no limit. You choose the rigs, the Hive will do the work.

Overheat Protection

Set the maximum allowed temperature per miner type, or per location of your rigs. If any of the rigs exceeds this temperature threshold, the Genesis ­Hive will automatically downclock each individual rig until it‘s back to an accepted temperature value. No matter if its a failure in the cooling system, a heatwave or simply the day/night differences, your hardware is protected and it will adopt quickly to get back to normal speed as soon as it can.

Electricity Assistant

Measure the power consumption of all farms or individual pools / miners and use the built-in calculator to predict future costs and the ROI. The Genesis Hive will help you to stay in the safe zone.


Hive Device

The Genesis Hive

This service has a minimum monthly charge of R5000 per month or per unit @ R100 per miner per month if the farm size goes above 50 units.

  • Minimum Monthly Subscription R5000pm
  • This offer has multiple selections. Please select what you want
  • The complete unit comes with the SD Card and Raspberry Device
  • Linking and setup of farm is included


  • Monitor miners performance, heat & power consumption
  • Get notifications of any type of failure
  • Manage pools, reboot or update firmware remotely
  • Micro manage multiple smaller farms in your farm
ZAR5,000.00 / month and a ZAR2,995.00 sign-up fee
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