The cryptocurrency so-called winter in South Africa may be starting to take its toll not only on one’s crypto holdings, but also your sanity. Every crypto hodlers’ patience is being tested in the current bear market as well as their ability to FOMO or not. Rest assured that the bulls will return. In the meantime, make sure you are well prepared for the sure-to-follow Bitcoin bull run. We look at how to prepare for the Bitcoin bull run

How to prepare for the Bitcoin bull run Step 1: Get a hardware wallet

A hardware wallet is by far the safest way to store your valuable cryptocurrencies. It is completely safe from hackers and you are in full control of your cryptos at all times.

Bitmart currently sells the Eaget Fingerprint USB Flash Drive hardware wallet. It uses the AES265 encryption algorithm that is extra secure. Only you can access your Eaget Fingerprint USB Flash Drive by means of fingerprint verification. It’s a simple plug and play solution for crypto hodlers. The product comes with a one-year quality assurance as well as a national joint guarantee.

Bitmart also stocks the acclaimed Trezor, Ledger Nano and KeepKey hardware wallets. Click here for more info.

Step 2: Get a miner

Start mining today so that by the time the Bitcoin bull run occurs, you will have plenty of Bitcoin ready to make you excessively wealthy!

Bitcoin mining describes the process of transactions being verified and added to a public ledger or a blockchain. Miners are rewarded for work done in order to verify transactions and are paid in specific cryptocurrencies.

The Antminer E3 comes highly recommended. It uses about 800 watt and mines Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The miner automatically converts your altcoins into Bitcoin. Check it out, click here.

Another excellent choice is the Canaan Avalon 821 miner. The miner features an 11.0 Reliable Hashrate Per Second (RTHS) as well as 104 x A3210 16 nm chips. This miner is great since you can connect a total of five (5) Avalon Miners for maximum usage. Bitmart offers an Avalon Miner Management System that allows for more efficiency when managing a large number of miners. Bitmart is the official distributors of Canaan in Africa.

Check out the Bitmart Purchase Guide online to see what various miners can deliver. This handy tool allows you to quickly compare the various miners in terms of algorithms, Watts, AMP, price and costs to see which one works best for you.

Step 3: Learn how to make your investment grow even more

If you want to quantify the coins that you mined, be sure to join the Bitmart Trade Signal Service. Carefully researched and selected trades are given to members that will see your crypto holdings multiply in no time! For more information on the Bitmart Trade Signal Service, click here.

If you don’t want to trade yourself, Bitmart’s experts can invest your Bitcoin for you. Contact Bitmart on 087 095 3431 for more info.