The mining community has come up with many ways to improve mining and their miner’s environment in order to be more effective. The latest is a person simply called ‘Limping-Zebra’ who immersed his mining rig in a tank of oil to keep it cool.

Limping-Zebra recently took to Reddit to show how s/he created a Bitcoin mining rig that is immersed in oil. The rig consists of 36 ASICs that have been fitted with a specialised chip for mining Bitcoin.

ASICs have been known to get quite hot whilst running and if the amount of heat that is being generated exceeds a certain temperature, it could damage the valuable chips. But Limping-Zebra thinks s/he has found the answer to this problem.

S/he did this by reversing the ASICs fans in order for the cooler oil to be sucked from the bottom of the tank to the top. This cycle then optimizes the dispersion of the heat from the ASICs. The oil, that is now heated, is cooled down by means of a plate heat exchanger. This exchanger is also equipped with some cool oil that comes from a garden hose. It goes through a filter that gets rid of particulates and the oil is returned to the system.

The system cost about $120 000 and uses 50kw power. Limping-Zebra stated on Reddit that s/he generates more or less 1.5 Bitcoins per month with this system. S/he also urged other miners to “experiment with unlocking the full potential of this technology.”

To watch the full video, click here.

Other mining enthusiasts have come up with equal creative ideas to improve the efficiency of their miners. In the past, we have seen a mining rig fitted in the back of a Tesla, a rig that harvests human body heat as well as a wind-powered rig. Who knows what creative concepts will immerse next.

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