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  • GOLDEN Field Movable Desktop Power Button Switch for Computer – Black + Red

    R269.00 incl VAT

    Brand:  GOLDEN Field
    Color:  Black red
    Quantity:  1
    Features:  Convenient for you to turn on your computer; The button switch can replace the power switch on your computer; Great for Internet bar anti-theft, with this movable desktop button power switch, you can lock the computer host to prevent the CPU, memory, graphics card and other components from stealing.
    Packing List
    1 x Desktop switch (170cm)
    1 x Hanging bar
    1  x Screw
    1 x Double faced adhesive tape
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  • Antminer Fan Duct

    R149.00 incl VAT

    50% Off

    All parts ordered are dispatched within 5 days after payment is confirmed.

    Please note all Antminer Fan Duct sales are final. Due to the nature of the industry, we cannot refund parts.

    Fans Ducts carry no warranty.

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