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Aeronaut thermal grease is the ideal beginner’s product with high effectiveness. Great surface protection, as well as good heat transfer capabilities make Aeronaut the ideal choice for users who want to optimize their cooling solution in an effective way, or maybe want to use an alternative to the thermal grease included with their hardware, with a remarkable cost effectiveness to boot.


  • Convenient 7.8 gram syringe, making this thermal paste very easy to apply
  • Delivers good heat transfer for entry-level and medium performance computer systems
  • Popular choice for mainstream computing and moderate gaming
  • Thermal conductivity 8.5 W/mk
  • Thermal resistance 0.0129 K/W
  • very good thermal conductivity
  • long-term durability
  • no curing
  • no electrical conductivity
  • applicable with aluminum (warning is for Conductonaut only!)

Application and Ratings:

Thermal Conductivity         ***

Sub-Zero Overclocking  *

Overclocking                  **

Water Cooling         ****

Air Cooling                 ****

Silicone Sensitive Areas         —

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