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Antminer Fan Duct


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Fans Ducts carry no warranty. Colors may vary between Black, Blue and Orange

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Antminer Fan Duct

Bitmart has designed and manufactured its own Antminer Fan Duct that can be used with most Antminer models to channel hot air into ducts for better mining operations. For a range of Antminers we sell, click here.

The Fan Ducts may need minor adjustments based on your Antminer model and the length of the screws used by the factory. The holes where the screws fit through on the Antminer Fan Duct can be tapered or sunken if needed with a carper knife blade for a better fit.

Please refer to our Antminer S9 Disassembly Guide video to see how to disassemble the miner .
Please refer to the Antminer S9 Installation Guide to upgrade the firmware to the related version.

Fans Ducts for AntMiner S3, S5, S5 , S7, D3, L3 & S9. 


Weight 0.075 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm


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