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Deep Sea Dave – Bitmart NFT Yield Token

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Deep Sea Dave – Level 1 Bitmart NFT Yield Token

Yield Tokens are exclusive NFTs available through our Bitmart rewards program (which you become a member of if you own an Access Token). Each Yield Token takes the form of a collectible playing card for our virtual board game. The ownership of each Yield Token guarantees you monthly incentives and rewards.

Not all yield tokens are equal. Instead, we have 10 distinct status tiers. Cards range from level 1 at the cost of R2,500 up to level 10 at R25,000 per NFT. The monthly yield earned from the NFTs depends entirely on their status. The greater the card’s value, the more you can expect in returns. While a level 2 card will earn you double the benefit of a level 1 token, a level 10 card will earn you up to 10 times the value of the entry-level NFT.

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Our NFT Project is designed to give holders of our exclusive NFT assets a chance to earn rewards. It’s set to provide the ability for them to earn a passive income from month to month on the Polygon blockchain in Matic.


Welcome to the new NFT token project that will be released throughout the year. It is based on a concept that will yield everlasting crypto farming and staking investment returns.

This paper will go on to show how you can own non-fungible token assets and use them to create a continual passive income. This, by us utilising the advantages of decentralised exchanges, DeFi lending protocols, and other principles related to a new crypto concept called ‘yield farming’ and staking.The main drawcard is that you need not be a crypto pro to take advantage of our offer. The simplicity of the purchase is up to you and the investment of the money is placed in the capable hands of our experts in the trade. They seek to get the most out of every investment.What is an NFT?

The Game Concept

Our new non-fungible token assets will be based on artwork/characters designed as a fantasy card game. Each asset will resemble a different card character with varying power ratings.

These characters can then be put to work as you compete against other players for a battle victory on our website platform.

As such, our NFT collection moves from being a static asset to a utility asset. It can be used to provide players with future gains and entertainment at the same time. We will launch an initial 10,000 assets for purchase.

Anyone familiar with turn-based card games will feel quite at home with our NFT Card Game. With blockchain functionality, the game outcomes and the rewards therefrom can be managed seamlessly.

Each card is digitally printed for storage in your crypto wallet. Each will have a unique character printed on it with varying powers and elements. The goal is to play your cards out on a 3×3 grid with the aim of successfully battling your opponent, winning the fight, and claiming crypto rewards for your successes.

Each card is printed with 4 numbers on the top, left, bottom and right of the character. The number at the top represents the power value at the top end of the card. The number at the bottom represents the power value at the bottom end of the card. The values to the left and right represent the power of the left and right of the card, respectively.

How the NFT Game Plays Out

Firstly, you will be able to select your battlements and join the game board hosted on our website. Your cards are orange in colour, while your opponent’s cards are blue.

The starting player will get to place his/her first card on the grid. The opponent must try and trump that card by placing a card above, below, left, or right of that card (if space permits). The goal of each move is to try and place a higher value side (from one of your cards) next to a lower value side (of your opponent’s card). That way, you defeat the weaker card and convert it to your arsenal.

It is then the next player’s turn to try and position stronger cards next to weaker cards and do the same. Once the grid is full, the player with the most conversions (most of their colour cards on the table) wins.

There are various game rules for various versions of the game. These gameplay guides will be printed as we introduce the later variations in time. Game winners can earn added crypto rewards and can even play for pink slips if they so choose. In this event, the winner may claim one of their opponent’s assets.

It’s important to remember that it’s not only the outcomes of games that earn you rewards with our NFTs. Simply owning cards will earn you a passive income every month that they are in your possession.

Click here to learn How To Start Playing, Learning the Benefits and more.

For more info please visit our dedicated NFT Website

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