If you are a Ripple (XRP) hodler, you may have heard of the illusive Ripple Riddler. He posts videos on Youtube making predictions about XRP’s future price and events. Today, we decipher one of his videos. Remember this is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial advice.

Introducing the Ripple Riddler

No one knows for sure who is behind the Ripple Riddler. Which only adds to the mystery! His videos feature an animated Riddler character. Even though there is no narration, the videos are filled with hidden clues and signs. If you can figure out what the clues and scenes mean, you may hold the ticket to when XRP will go to the moon. The fun lies in deciphering all these hidden clues. Which is a nice distraction after this week’s horrific drop in the bitcoin price, if we are being honest.

Deciphering a Ripple Riddler video

As previously stated, there is no narration in the Ripple Riddler vids so it’s up to fans to decipher the message. This is where things start to get interesting. There are numerous attempts of solving the riddles. We decided to go with a YouTuber “To The Lifeboats” analysis of the “Declaration of Independence” vid.

Click here to watch the “Declaration of Independence” video.

Scene 1

The opening scene of the video is the firing of a hot air balloon. According to Sam from “To The Lifeboats” channel, the firing of the balloon signifies Ripple’s liquidity pool that needs to warm up so that the price can go up.

Scene 2

In the next scene, the screen is filled with stars and a message saying that the vid is for entertainment purposes and not financial advice.

Scene 3

Scene three shows five hot air balloons with Ripple at the front. Sam says this could signify the launch phase and put XRP first with market cap. Viewers can also see a banker standing next to the XRP balloon.

Scene 4

Next, the Ripple Riddler is seen giving the banker a silver coin. Sam says it is significant that the Riddler is wearing a fresh purple glove whilst the banker who is on the receiving end of the coin is wearing a faded suit. This may signify that the banks have seen better days and is coming to the end of its lifespan. The coin is really interesting. According to Sam, the coin may represent the American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin. Now, this coin shows a new Lady Liberty and represents independence. With regards to the silver metal, the coin is made of, silver has a lot of industrial usage and utility. Overall, the handover of the silver coin could be seen as a payment for access to the global network or XRP giving a portion of its holdings to central banks.

Scene 5

In the next scene, the Ripple Riddler is seen standing inside the hot air balloon basket holding onto the ropes. Sam says that this could be seen as an invitation to join the XRP ride.

Scene 6

Next, the balloon takes off and flies over three rivers or streams. This may signify each of the three Ripple products namely XCurrent, XRapid and XVia. According to Sam, Riddler is holding on to the basket with both hands. He might be trying to tell viewers to hold on with both hands for the ride of a lifetime.

Read about the three Ripple products here.

Scene 7

The second landscape Riddler is seen flying over is apparently Liechtenstein. This country’s banks may be the first to sign on.

Scene 8

In the next scene, Riddler flies over a mountain high above the clouds. A large number of crows can be seen flying in front of the balloon. The crows may signify all the banks that will sign onto the Ripple network.

Scene 9

Next up is a galaxy scene with a fallstreak hole. Sam deciphers that this may point to the Andromeda Galaxy or mythology. This may point to change and it is believed that Iran may be the trigger. The U.S. is currently imposing sanctions against Iran and trying to force other countries to follow suit.

Scene 10

Getting back to the video, the audience is taken on a wild ride into the wormhole and a wheel appears with the words “Targer locked”. Numbers around the circle may show significant dates leading up to the XRP price increase.

Scene 11

In the second last scene of the video, chains break and this may show the U.S. dominance failing. Sam says that XRP may eventually break the chains of the so-called wage slavery to government.

Scene 12

The final scene shows fireworks which refer to a celebration. This could refer to a celebration of how far XRP has come or a celebration of the people freeing themselves. Either way, the scene refers to XRP as the future.

Check out “To The Lifeboats” YouTube channel here.

What does the XRP community say?

There are a lot of opinions about how high XRP could go and when. Some say $15, others say $50 – $500. One thing everyone agrees on is that the price of XRP will increase with more banks signing on to use the platform. It is interesting that during Bitcoin’s heavy dump to $5 500 this week, that the price of Ripple remained fairly constant.

In conclusion, Ripple Riddler and the various interpretations of the videos are merely speculation. If his predictions come true, that is great news for XRP hodlers but remember never to invest more than you can afford to lose into cryptos.