Hey there fellow Bitcoin Miners Bitmart now does Antminer Repairs. Firstly we are proud to announce that Bitmart.co.za is now a repair agent and retailer of Bitmain Components for the Antminer series of machines. You can check out our parts section if you want to order parts and do the repairs yourself here, or send us the machines to:

3 Makspro Complex, Riverside Industrial
23 Waterfall Avenue, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa 1200

Contact person Jacques Serfontein : +27 82 556 3705

Ok so we have solved quite a few problems in the past for clients and we can repair units that has no physical damage to the chips, heatsinks and hashboards. We unfortunatly cannot repair chassis or replace hash boards that has physical damage as the factory will reject them as scrap.

How do you know if we can hep?

  1. If your Antminer was working fine and now doesn’t want to mine or access the network but turns on it might be an IO or BB board that is damaged by surge or lightning – you can purchase a replacement here or send us the device to have it serviced.
  2. If your machine has dead ASICS on the boards you can send us the unit – DO NOT REMOVE THE HASHBOARDS! Hashboards that are damaged during transport are rejected as scrap and cannot be repaired. We will create repair tickets and send the parts for repairs – we charge R450 per hour labor and the courier charges along with the inport export duty is calculated once the items arrive back from China.
  3. If your machine is mining and then stops this could mean there is a problem with not only one part it could be the IO and/or BB board that is faulty as well as an error in the Kernel Log. We will need the whole machine back in order to do a repair for you after testing.

Conditions of Repair are as follows:

Bitmart does not accept any liability or responsibility for any damage over and above what you are suffering at the time of sending the units or endured during transport however we do en-devour to make the shipping process as safe as possible. All repairs carry a handing fee payable of a minimum of R450 in Bitcoin to 1983A3toTe5jRTyCPjVWP18GZNEW9sPmzx plus the value of the parts. Please note if you fail to pay for the handling and the parts Bitmart reserves the right to keep the machine for 30 days until the outstanding amount is paid or sell the machine to recover cost after the initial 30 day period has expired.