Scrabble adds ‘Bitcoin’ to its sixth edition of the Scrabble Dictionary. It is worth at least nine points to the lucky player who gets it right!

Scrabble adds ‘Bitcoin’

Are you tired of fighting with other Scrabble players in an effort to convince them that the word you just played does in fact exist? Whether it does or not is totally irrelevant. Wink-wink. Well, now you can play the word ‘Bitcoin’ and get nine points! Scrabble has finally recognized the king of cryptos.

The Scrabble dictionary by Merriam-Webster made the announcement earlier this week. It describes ‘Bitcoin’ as a noun meaning ‘a digital currency’. This is one of 300 new words that have been added to the popular board game. Other new words include ‘OK’, ‘Ew’, ‘twerk’ and ‘emoji’.

‘Bitcoin’-word used in dictionaries and board games

The regular Merriam-Webster dictionary actually featured the word ‘Bitcoin’ already in 2016. There is also a mobile word game app called Words with Friends that not only features the word ‘Bitcoin’ but also accepts Bitcoin payment for in-game purchases.

In recent years, Bitcoin and various alt coins have enjoyed a lot of media attention due to the possibility of quick profits and an equal amount of losses.

New crypto bank on its way

In other news, SEBA Crypto AG, a Switzerland-based start-up announced that they raised 100 million Swiss francs or $103 million to open a new crypto bank. The bank would be offering cryptocurrency-related services to clients. In order to accomplish this, they first have to apply for a banking and securities dealer license from FINMA, the Swiss financial market regulator. The bank will lend the following services: ICO consultation, corporate financing, and digital asset-related services. They hope to further develop blockchain technology and ensure stable growth of the industry.

In conclusion, the price of Bitcoin is stable at $6 490 according to Coinmarketcap. This may be due to the announcement that the SEC’s ETF decision has been postponed to February 2019.