Good day folks.

Now that you have purchased your Bitcoin Antminer you need to set it up so you can start earning Bitcoins. The first step is that you get a UTP cable or fly lead that you can use to connect the miner to the router that provides internet to your home or office.

UTP cable

The Second thing you need is a PC Power cable that has a kettle cord end and either a red plug or a standard 3 pin plug.

Power Cable

Now you need to connect the UTP cable between your router to your Antminer.

Cable connect

Next you need to connect the power connectors from the power supply to the circuit boards on the Antminer and to the control unit to power the device. On the S7 Machine always ensure that you connect the 3 bundled power connectors to a singe board with its 3 corresponding female connectors. This will ensure that each board gets the correct voltage and power from the powersupply to operate at optimum efficiency. The single power connector that is not bundled to the rest of the power cables is for connecting onto the control unit.

Antminer Power

Now that you have connected the cables its time to fire up your Bitcoin Antminer, go ahead and plug in the kettle cord power cable into the 1600 Watt power supply and switch it on at the wall socket. Please note the miner uses around 5.4Amp and we don’t suggest running more than one Antminer per wall socket.

Next you need to create an account on Once you register and login it will ask you to choose a user code – this is VERY important as it will be the code underwich your mining efforts will be linked in your Antminer so you can get paid.


Next you need to detect the miner on your network in order to configure it and bind it to your pool mining account. You can download this app called NetScan on the playstore to scan your network from your phone when connected to the WiFi of your router.

Once you have scanned your network you will see a list of devices it picks up and you can then start typing those IP adresses into your web broweser to access the Antminer.

2016-02-04 07.01.18

Since the router in my office is set to DHCP your miner gets an IP from the router once the Antminer is connected to the network. In this case the IP it got was

Now that you have identified the machine on the network you simply type the IP address into your internet browser and hit enter – don’t Google the IP it has to be in the address bar.

IP config

The default Login is always root with the password also root. Next Click on miner configuration and put the following settings into your miner but where the Worker field is type your username you chose when you created your Antpool account and change the pool settings to the settings shown below. The password field can be 123 or anything you want it to be. Anyone using this Worker name and password will mine for you.

Antpool settings

After you have completed the process of configuring your miner save the settings. Now after about 30 minutes you can log into your account and click the worker tab.

Antpool dashboard

Congratulations! You are now mining!