PRESS RELEASE: RE GPU Card Shortages World Wide.

Greetings everyone. Everyone is probably aware of the GPU card Shortages that is causing massive distress in the Crypto Currency Mining Communities World Wide. Bitmart is committed to quality service and to ensure the best service at all times. All the local suppliers are out of stock and there are no indication as to when the stock will be arriving thus Bitmart has gone above and beyond to arrange with various factories world wide to secure GPU cards in order to meet the demand and keep our customers happy.

Bitmart has implemented the following procedures and offerings to ensure we can do what we can within our jurisdiction and abilities to help our valued customers.

  • Offer a Downgrade or Upgrade of ordered rigs to enable mining to take place ASAP or alternative mining products in the place of GPU Rigs.
  • Keep the order on file until the desired cards become available and reward the customer with a 11% per Anum “Earning” on the deposited amount we received paid in Bitcoin monthly on the capital amount from the 45 days after payment was made until delivery takes place.
  • Swap the paid order out for Ethereum or Bitcoin Cloud mining and activate the Cloud Mining within 36 Hours after confirmation of such swap out option with a 5% discount on retail advertised prices.

All Earn While you wait campaigns on GPU Rigs due to unavailability of stock has been stopped as of 28 June 2017

Please note that Bitmart orders the parts needed to build the rigs in Bulk and in advance, thus meaning suppliers have been paid to secure our back order positions in the cues making it impossible to refund orders without affecting our order positions compromising our position in the wait list for cards. As soon as the situation changes we will notify the clients who wish to rather receive refunds irrespective of the market situation.

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