Greetings everyone! Now you have probably Googled anything along the lines of how to stop your S7 from whistling if you landed up here. Well i don’t know if the theory can be proven or not but it has something to do with our air pressure in this part of the world or even the vortex direction the air creates when being pulled and sucked at the same time through the S7. I quite frankly don’t care and all i know it cuts into my brain like a chainsaw in need of serious lubrication!

Now how i fixed the issue is simple i obstructed the airflow from the front of the machine with a small piece of tape.

2016-02-09 06.51.02

The moment you do this you will hear the speed of the fan increase a notch or its the sound the fan makes when airflow is restricted all i know is the whistling sound. Try to keep the piece or pieces of tape as small as possible to limit the amount of strain you place on the fan but just enough to eliminate the whistling sound the S7 Antminers front fan makes.

2016-01-25 18.04.19