Some of the top business schools in the world will be offering cryptocurrency courses and teaching about blockchain technology. Amongst these top-ranked business schools are Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Standford Business School and Georgetown Business School.

The reason for these business schools adopting cryptocurrency and blockchain courses are due to growing demand from students and corporate recruiters alike.

Top business schools on cryptocurrency courses

CNBC recently quoted a professor from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Kevin Werbach who said there is a critical mass to reach the domain.

Werbach predicted that in five years’ time majority of the major business schools will be offering similar classes. The course at Wharton is called “Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Distributed Ledger Technology” and will start in the fall of 2018.

Meanwhile, Stanford Business School will offer a Cryptocurrency class in May 2018. A student was quoted saying that it will aid students once they have to enter the workplace. The student, a second-year MBA, Itamar Orr was quoted saying that blockchain will be a topic of discussion at their future workplaces and that it makes sense to teach it. Orr said learning about cryptocurrencies already now, will give these new recruits a competitive advantage.

It is interesting to note that a professor at Standford Business School, Susan Athey is also on the board of Ripple. She said the interest in these classes is largely due to Bitcoin soaring during late 2017. Athey told the media that it is interesting to get answers to burning questions such as how did the price fluctuate so much and how many have truly benefitted from it?

John Jacobs, the executive director of Georgetown Business School, he gets constant calls from recruiters asking for people who understand the application of blockchain technology. Especially from Wall Street recruiters.

Growing demand for blockchain technology

According to statistics from Pitchbook, blockchain start-ups boomed with 88% in 2017 and saw a venture-capital investment of up to $911 million. Hence it makes sense that future employees should be knowledgeable about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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