Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are known as the “currency of the future”. The time has come to travel with cryptocurrencies.

The first step towards entering the new and exciting world of cryptocurrencies is to invest in your favorite coins. The end result would be to spend the cryptos and enjoy your rewards. Today we take a look at traveling the world and visiting exotic destinations with your cryptocurrencies.

Travel the world with the any of the following three top cryptocurrencies:

1. TOA Coin


Travel Operations Agency (TOA) was introduced to the market in mid-2017. It is a cryptocurrency that can be used to safely and securely pay or do transfers between travel agencies, hotels and event suppliers. There is a total amount of 8.8 billion TOA coins and the coin offers staking rewards to holders. One can expect an annual volume growth of 2%. TOA coins can be stored in a dedicated online wallet from which you will receive your staking rewards. TOA Coin has offices in countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines.

It is a known fact that one can lose money when you are exchanging a different currency. This is due to the exchange rate and handling fees. With TOA Coin, there is no need to change from one currency to the next since you are dealing with internet money.

TOA Coin goes beyond booking your next holiday and also features the TOA Hub Café. Meet up with fellow TOA users in the café that doubles as a money exchange center. Here you can pay using TOA Coin. The idea behind the TOA Hub Café is also to introduce the broader public to the product and invite potential merchant partners to familiarize themselves with the benefits.


The team consists of Richard Park, Chief Operating Officer, Kay Tan, Asia Pacific Marketing Director and Benjamin Pacheco, Chief Technical Director, to name but a few. Tan has combined 15 years’ experience in marketing and sales at MNC Company whilst Pacheco founded Pesobit. Pesobit is an altcoin for international money transfers and international cooperation.

Where to buy?

TOA Coin is currently trading on exchanges such as Cryptopia and C-CEX. It is trading for $0.005588 and has a market cap of $7, 332, 072.

For more information, click here to go to the website. Click here for the TOA Coin whitepaper.

2. Travelcoin


Are you tired of double bookings and having to wait for a travel agent to get back to you with an itinerary? Well, Travelcoin (TRV) takes care of it all. This cryptocurrency is aiming at revolutionizing the travel industry and works with an ERC20 standard token ecosystem.

Some of Travelcoin’s unique features include:

  • Pay less for traveling
  • No double bookings
  • Fast transaction speed
  • Top notch safety and security
  • Earn spendable rewards
  • The blockchain is accessible to holiday goers and travelers, agencies and transportation companies and allows for real-time bookings

It is interesting to note that the travel industry is valued at more than $1 trillion per annum and makes up for 10% of world spending. Still, there are many ways which your dream holiday or business trip can go wrong. However, with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in specific, making head waves in the world, it will now become easier to book your next holiday.

Travelcoin is built on the Ethereum blockchain and makes use of Ethereum’s smart contracts. This makes it easy to keep track of ticket sales and bookings and eliminates any possibility of double bookings or booking information getting lost.

Cancelling your trip

What differentiates Travelcoin from the rest is that it offers a reseller service. With Travelcoin you can sell your booked holiday to other travelers should something happen that hinders you from going on the trip.

With regards to the Coin’s roadmap, 2018 is sure to be an exciting year as the printable wallet will be released. During the second quarter of 2018, a physical card will be created that links directly to a user’s wallet. During this time the travel rewards programme will be launched. In the third quarter, the website will be fully functional so that token holders can pay for tickets and embark on an adventure!


The Travelcoin team consists of CEO Emal Safi who has 10 years’ experience in business intelligence. Jason Coles, who is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur is the Chief Financial Officer and Tariq Habib is Executive Chair. Habib has extensive experience at Fintech, blockchain, and digital payments.

Where to buy?

Travelcoin is currently for sale on the EtherDelta exchange and costs $4.01 per token. It has an initial circulating supply of 2 billion.

For more information, click here to go to the website. Click here for the Travelcoin whitepaper.

3. Travelflex


Travelflex (TRF) offers travelers easy and fast payment methods, it is safe and secure, all transactions are stored on a blockchain. All those things one would expect from a cryptocurrency. However, there are a few unique characteristics that set Travelflex apart from the rest. Travelflex serves as an escrow service and the tokens can be mined with GPU. According to the company’s roadmap, it can in the future, even be mined from your mobile phone. With the mobile mining application, you can also chat and connect with other Travelflex users around you, if you choose to. The app has a chat function and you can add a list of your friends.

For every Travelflex coin that is being mined, the company will donate a portion to a charitable organization of the miner’s choice. It is important to give back to the community and help those who are less fortunate.

Travelflex will also issue holders with a credit card that they can use at any ATM across the globe or online.


At the head of the project is CEO Peter Hoogslag who has been involved in the cryptocurrency industry for almost a decade. Head of Engineering is Bing Hayashi who has a Ph.D. in engineering. He has past experience as a computer engineer for PTT, Gas & Oil line operators. Marcel Hoogslag is the VP of Finance and has extensive experience in financial management of pharmaceutical companies.

About 100 million coins were issued during the ICO stage. As a result, after 30 years of mining, a total of 163 million coins will be available.

Where to buy?

Travelflex is currently trading on BTC-Alpha and costs $0.13 per token.

For more information, click here to go to the website. Click here for the Travelflex whitepaper.

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Please note this is not financial advice and the blog serves for educational purposes.