The proof is in the pudding as UEFA concluded a successful blockchain trail this week. Soccer fans can now buy tickets from a blockchain based ticketing app.

UEFA gives blockchain ticket system the go-ahead

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has announced that its blockchain trail was indeed a roaring success. The aim of the trail was to solve problems associated with ticket issuing with blockchain technology. It was tested during a Super Cup match that saw Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid take one another on in Tallinn, Estonia. The results were announced late yesterday.

UEFA said in a statement that the new system will make ticket sales “more simple and safer.” The system will prevent issues the organisation has been experiencing with regard to ticket issuing such as forgery and duplication.

During the trail, socket fans were asked to buy tickets from an iOS and Android, blockchain-based app. Fans could buy tickets via mobile Bluetooth devices that were located at the various entrances of the stadium where the match kicked off.

Previous trails took place in cities such as Lyon in France. The last trail in Tallinn was conducted to fine-tune the system. Looking into the future, the system will now be used at other football events.

Ripple moving on and up

The team at Ripple has announced that they have decided on three cryptocurrencies that will facilitate the xRapid system. In a nutshell, the xRapid system is an easy payments solution for banks. It allows for cross-border payments via the Ripple platform. The three exchanges are Bits in Mexico, Coin.Ph in the Philippines and Bittrex in the U.S. these exchanges will facilitate payments between banks on a global scale via the xRapid ecosystem. Banks will be able to quickly move from one currency, into Ripple (XRP) and into another currency.

With the addition of the three exchanges, banks can move easily from XRP to the Mexican Pesos, the Philippine Pesos and the U.S. dollar. According to the team from Ripple, the pilot phase was successful and the product will go into production later this year. One of the brokerage firms that have tested the xRapid system, Currencies Direct, called it a ‘game-changer’. Saying transactions were settled in literally seconds.

Today, Ripple is trading at $0.31 according to Coinmarketcap. For more on Ripple, read Bitmart’s blog “Ripple causes a stir.” Click here.