Bitmart’s Triple Triad – An NFT Collectible Game Offering You Real Rewards

Bitmart’s launch of its utility tokens and unique NFT rewards program is underway. Not only have we already implemented and minted an access token to enable you to join the exclusive club of collectors, but we have several yield tokens available for you to purchase from either our Bitmart website or on the Opensea platform (where purchases can be made with cryptocurrency).

If you are wondering what the rewards program is all about, what value our tokens bring you, and how you can earn a passive income while collecting our rare NFTs, then be sure to read through our informative guide below.

What Are Bitmart Yield Tokens?

Our collection of yield tokens is essentially an assembly of digital NFTs that are based on a playable card game. Each digital print is a unique piece of artwork that resembles a character from the game’s fictional universe. Each comes complete with unique powers and a distinct rarity level. Naturally, the higher the level of the character card, the more valuable the token is.

Bitmart has already minted several NFT cards so far. These are currently on sale on our website and via our Opensea profile. The NFTs range in price

from R2,500 for a level one character to $25,000 for a tier 10 collectible. We will continue to produce digital cards every month until the full game deck of 110 tokens is complete.

As a gateway to the NFT project and the rewards program, collectors will need to purchase what we refer to as an access token. It is required that you purchase one of these tokens per wallet you are using to store your collection. This way, we can protect the integrity of our product, the community, and the rewards that they will bring to our token holders now and in the future.

Utility – How Our NFT Card Tokens Benefit You

As soon as all our exclusive cards are minted and available for sale, we will implement the game platform on our website. While collecting and trading unique cards is already an attractive prospect to the initiative, you will be able to take things further by partaking in competitive gameplay with other players. The ability to play live will be rolled out in the coming months.

The program is multifaceted and there are, therefore, variable uses for the NFTs. Each utility of the product has a way of rewarding you:

1.      Collecting to Earn

Have you ever heard of a project whereby the seller will pay you for buying their product? Well, in the case of our NFT project, each yield token/card that you buy can be seen as an investment in the digital realm. You are paid a reward by Bitmart each month in accordance with the cards you own. A higher investment in rarer cards will result in higher returns.

2.      Play to Earn

Those who prefer a more volatile environment can risk their cards in duels for pink slips. In this form of gameplay, the loser will have to give up their card to the winner. Of course, this is a riskier way of increasing your yield but can prove very rewarding if you are successful.

Rewards on Your Tokens – True Passive Income

So, where do the rewards come from and what can you expect to earn?

In our first month, the project yielded an APR (Average Percentage per Year) of 6.1%. This effectively means that collectors have gained 6.1% of their NFTs value back in crypto returns. Few savings plans will give you better interest incentives.

In this latest example, entry-level cards would yield a R152.50 return, while top-tier collectors would yield a favourable R1,525 per tier 10 token.

Source of Funds

There should be no misconception about where the funds are coming from for this rewards programme. We want to be clear that the revenue value derived from the sale of tokens is not divided among other cardholders. Instead, the money is invested in various digital ventures by our crypto finance professionals. These ventures include:

  • Yield Farming
  • Coin Staking
  • DeFi (Decentralised Finance)
  • Crypto Mining

It is then the profits and interest that such investments yield that are divided up and paid to all token holders. This ensures that a capital investment remains in the pot and continues to earn. Once again, the reward is paid in proportion to the value of your holdings. A large collection of cards will usually pay you far better than a collection of only a few unless your ‘stack’ is made up of numerous high-rarity tokens.

Growth in the Future

As the venture matures, the increased accumulation of revenues will enable us to fund even more finance into the various investments. Ideally, this will heighten the potential for us to yield more profit from the increased outlay. Of course, the current economic climate of cryptocurrency has a big part to play in how well the investments do.

It is interesting to note that even in a bear crypto market, the yield was a decent 6.1% APR. It builds hope that when the market turns bullish again (which, by all indicators, it will) that the rewards will increase exponentially.


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