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Start making Passive income with Altcointrader and Bitmart.

Since the lockdown started our economy has been under severe strain and lots of people are facing hardships in their communities. Trading Crypto Currencies and Mining Crypto have proven to be very lucrative for some in keeping the lights during the pandemic where work got scarce and many lost the breadwinners in their families. Altcointrader was established in 2015 and has the widest variety of Crypto Currencies in South Africa listed including Gold and Silver coins. The newest addition to the Altcointrader platform is their Savings wallet. You can now buy or mine Crypto and deposit it into your Altcointrader Yield Wallet to earn passive income on your holdings without the need to sell them.

Altcointrader Yields

Altcointrader Yields












To Register an Atlcointrader account today click here.

For Companies and individuals looking to make their money work for them Bitmart has partnered with Altcointrader to bring you even more value, but first, lets dive into who Bitmart is and what they do. So Bitmart was established by Jacques Serfontein in 2015 December and has since been chosen by more than 13000+ South Africans as their CryptoCurrency Hardware Suppliers of choice. Bitmart specializes in the building and supply of GPU Mining Rigs for the mining of Crypto Currencies and the supply of Hardware Wallets such as Ledger, Keepkey &  Trezor.

Bitmart Desolator GPU Rig

Bitmart Desolator GPU Rig

So the Formulae to Crypto Riches is quite a simple one at that; you could just buy some coins and keep them and if the value goes up you benefit from the increase in value, or you can do one better, invest in a Mining Rig that will make you Crypto every day. If you Buy the Mining Hardware through a business you get to depreciate the hardware which is a tax-deductible form Tax payable on other profits you made in the company.

To help out the Community Altcointrader and Bitmart is offering the following great savings, if you buy a Mining Rig Through Bitmart you get a R5000 Discount on any machine purchased using the coupon code: ACT5000 on Checkout. The only requirement is that you must mine to your Altcointrader account and link it to the Bitmart Code.

Bitmart GPU Mining Rigs

Bitmart GPU Mining Rigs

The Process is as follows

  1. Create a new account or link your existing Altcointrader account to the Bitmart code by clicking here and logging into your Altcointrader account.
  2. Take a screenshot of your Atcointrader Bitcoin or Ethereum Wallet Address.
  3. Go to and order your Miner of choice.
  4. On Checkout use the Coupon Code ACT5000 to get a R5000 discount on your order.
  5. Email a screenshot of your Altcoin Trader ETH or BTC Wallet & Mine to your Altcointrader wallet and stand a chance to win monthly prizes.

FAQ & Myths about mining Crypto Currencies:

  1. Do they use more electricity than they make? No the average ratio between cost and income based on a power bill of R2.60c per kWh is 1/5th of mining income goes to power cost currently.
  2. Don’t the machines break down after a short time? No, we sold miners that have been running since 2016 mining Ethereum on Rx480 8Gig Cards and still going strong!
  3. What’s the ROI? So if you mine and hold until the Bitcoin or Ethereum Price goes up only selling your mining profits at all-time high prices you can expect an ROI of 6 to 9 months but if you sell everything you mine every day you will incur transfer fees making your ROI much longer. Mine, HODL, Sell Repeat.
  4. Is Crypto Mining Sustainable? Yes, The last bitcoins will only be mined in 2145 so we still have a long way to go and our GPU miners can mine hundreds of different coins.
  5. Is it Legal to mine Crypto? Yes, as long as you don’t steal power to mine Crypto you won’t get into trouble.
  6. How do I live on my mining income? We link your rig to your Altcointrader account, the earnings get paid into the Atlcointrader wallet and you sell it for ZAR and withdraw it to your bank account.
  7. What do I do if my Rig gives problems? You simply call Bitmart, we build repair and upgrade mining hardware and we can even do large scale deployments in South Africa.
  8. Is there any use case Data available to poove its profitability? Yes, there is you can contact for details but this summary was a use case of actual figures conducted from 3 March 2018 to 10 August 2021 on an investment of R504 000 worth of mining hardware.
GPU Rig Mining Income Case Study

GPU Rig Mining Income Case Study
















  1. Whats the best way to save Crypto I mine? Mine to your Altcointrader account and put the coins into the Altcointrader Savings wallet to earn interest on your mined coins for maximum compounded returns.
  2. Is it not better to just buy coins rather than mining hardware? If you cant mine then it’s an option, if you can mine you rather, should buy a miner. 1 Ethereum bought today for R50 000 will still just be 1 Ethereum in 2 years just worth maybe R100 000 but a Mining Rig that makes you 0.12 ETH would have given you over 2 Ethereum and will keep mining for years to come.

Conclusion: Start earning a passive income in South Africa and support South African based businesses like Bitmart and Altcointrader to guide and help you venture into the Cryptoverse. With the experience and brilliant reputation in the South African Crypto market as leaders in their fields, Altcointrader and Bitmart will ensure you have a pleasant enriched crypto experience.

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