5 Cool gadgets you need to see

Technology is forever evolving which lends to the excitement of the industry. If you’re a fan of nifty gadgets and the latest technology, you have to check out these cool gadgets available now from Bitmart. Without any further delay, here are 5 cool gadgets you need to see.

5 Cool gadgets you need to see

Remote Control Robot Arm Kit

Need a helping hand? Now you can assemble/build your very own Robotic Arm! The kit comes with easy to follow instructions and is great for beginners wanting to learn the basics of robot technology. It has a 5-switch wired controller which allows you to operate the arm to grab, lift, release, lower and rotate items. The Robotic Arm can lift a maximum of 100g. When assembled, it measures 38 x 22.8 x 16cm and works with batteries (not included). Between the Robotic Arm’s pincers, there is a searchlight that lines up with the arm when picking up objects. The Remote Control Robot Arm Kit is suitable for ages 8 years +.

Price: R1,195.00

Pay only R122 per month with MobiCred.

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Bondic – World’s First Liquid Plastic Welder

This nifty device replaces glue that has probably been drying out for the last 3-months. It is unique in the sense that it is liquid plastic that hardens when applicated. The pen does not dry out and will stay liquid until applied. Fix almost anything in 4 simple steps – clean, fill, cure and shape. Fix anything from fiberglass, wood, plastic, and metal. This is the world’s first liquid plastic welder and is now available at Bitmart. The pen comes with an applicator, 14g tube of liquid plastic and a LED UV light.

Price: R399.00

Pay only R38 per month with MobiCred.

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Spy Pen Video Recorder (4GB)

Nothing says Inspector Gadget better than a Spy Pen Video Recorder! The pen can make video and voice recordings and has still image capabilities. At the same time, you can also use the pen what it is intended for – writing. It comes with three ink refills. A LED light indicates when the pen is recording. Recording time per charge is estimated at 90 minutes. To recharge your Spy Pen Video Recorder, simply plug it into a PC and within 2 hours, it will be recharged. The pen comes with a standard built-in USB port.

Video Compression: AVI video format. 640 x 480 AVI 30 fps

Photo resolution: 1280 x 1024 JPEG, 1.3 Megapixel CMOS

Price: R995.00

Pay only R93 per month with MobiCred.

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DJ Mini Mixer Kit

Anytime is the perfect time for a party, right? Get the party started with the DJ Mini Mixer Kit. Mix tracks from two music devices without using a laptop or PC. The kit is completely mobile. Plug the two MP3 devices into the mini mixer and drop the beats. Comes with two auxiliary cables.

Price: R349.00

Pay only R33 per month with MobiCred.

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Wireless Touch Speaker Boombox

With the Wireless Touch Speaker Boombox you don’t need to connect wires or pair your phone with a device. Simply place your phone or music device onto the speaker to listen to your favorite tunes. The Boombox comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that guarantees 10 hours play time per recharge. Simply charge your Boombox via the micro USB cable (included) and be the life of the party!

Price: R625.00

Pay only R59 per month with MobiCred.

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