Win Bitcoin with popular Bitcoin lotteries

Tata ma chance, tata ma Bitcoin. Did you know there are a number of reputable Bitcoin lotteries that are open to South Africans? The concept is the same as the South African Lottery but instead of winning ZAR, you can win Bitcoin. We take a look at some of the most popular Bitcoin lotteries.

Popular Bitcoin lotteries

OVEX Bitcoin lottery

OVEX is a South African cryptocurrency exchange that allows one to trade with up to 18 altcoins and features over the counter services. But what’s really interesting is the weekly OVEX Bitcoin lottery. The amount of Bitcoin one stand to win may vary from week to week. This week’s jackpot, for example, is 0.5 BTC and it is free to enter. All you have to do is complete some simple tasks on the exchange for which you will earn lotto tickets. This includes activating your two-factor authentication, completing the KYC etc.

When you have collected your tickets, you can pick your own winning numbers between 1 – 22 or make use of the OVEX QuickPick tool that will generate numbers for you.

If there was no winner in the weekly draw, the jackpot will simply roll over to the following week. The jackpot will also increase. There is also a second prize of 0.01 BTC up for grabs.

In a blog post, OVEX said that the odds of winning in their lottery is 1 in 5 million per ticket. One’s odds of winning in the South African National Lottery is 1 in 140 million.

Feeling lucky today? Why not try the OVEX Bitcoin lottery. Click here to enter.


Lottoland is based in Ireland but is open to South Africans. It is a regulated Bitcoin lotto with a jackpot of about 1 000 BTC. Winners are announced every day. The company ranks in over $350 million per annum and is one of the most well-known sites for lotteries.

You can also play other lotteries such as the SA Powerball on Lottoland. Check it out, click here.

Trying your hand at Bitcoin casinos

Not all Bitcoin casinos offer a lottery, but Bitcoin casinos have plenty of bonuses on offer for South African gamblers. Bitcoin casinos accept bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. You get no deposit bonuses as well as deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonuses are available to new players. You are eligible for this type of bonus if you deposit some Bitcoin upon signing up. You can also get free spins no deposit bonuses which translates into a certain number of free spins when playing certain games.

Read Bitmart’s blog “Gambling with Cryptocurrencies”.

There are various types of deposit bonuses that are available to new and existing players. New players will get these deposit bonuses as a way to welcome them and they may also get free spins. You can also earn referral bonuses for referring friends. Cashback bonuses for existing players will help them to recover losses.

Here is a list of popular Bitcoin casinos in South Africa.

*Remember that gambling is addictive and it is important to lay down clear rules for oneself when gambling.

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