80s gaming relived in 2019

Enjoy 80s gaming with 2019 tech. Bitmart Gadgets offers avid gamers the opportunity to relive 80s game experiences with two brand new gadgets.

80s gaming relived in 2019 at Bitmart Gadgets

Plug–N–Play Retro TV Games Arcade Kit

Price: R295.00

Pay only R28 per month with MobiCred

Plug the 80s inspired handheld controller into your modern TV and start gaming. The Plug–N–Play Retro TV Games Arcade Kit promises a gaming experience unlike any other. Relive your favorite 80s games with this compact and ultra-portable retro controller.

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The device has an integrated mini joystick and A and B buttons. It is a simple plug and play device that comes standard with 200 retro games. Relive the adventures of a wide variety of 80s arcade, puzzle, shooting and sport-based games in the comfort of your home. It is made from rubber and ABS plastic and is battery operated.

Games: PongPong, Apple chess, Wonderball, Space Base, Aerial Warfare, Racing Fighter, Police vs Thief and many more! Play your way back to the future.

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Retro Pocket Arcade Games Controller with LCD Screen

Price: R249.00

Pay only R24 per month with MobiCred

Take your Retro Pocket Arcade Games Controller anywhere with you. When waiting in a queue or for a meeting, why not have some fun? The Retro Pocket Arcade Games Controller with LCD Screen comes with a 1.8-inch LCD screen and built-in speakers. Carrying it with you is easy as it has a key ring addition and is battery operated. The controller features more than 100 8-Bit games such as Match Stick Man, Tank War, Football, Gang Tie III, The Agent, Piwang, Racing Car, Dinosaur War, Parachute, Honey Mary and so much more.

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