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Cash Africa Partners with Bitmart.

GJ Wentzel, CEO of Cash Africa in South Africa has been a long time client of Bitmart and friend of Bitmart CEO Jacques Serfontein. Together they endured the SA Lockdown and the COVID 19 Pandemic only to emerge stronger entrepreneurs than before. Look if you can survive in South Africa with Lockdown, COVID19 and load-shedding you can make it anywhere ;-)

You can now purchase items from Bitmart and upon checkout select finance options to get a quote and possible approval within 24 to 48 hours.

Cash Africa was established in 2018 by lifelong entrepreneurs who have always had a vision of establishing a funding financing company which focuses on the enablement of entrepreneurs through innovative financing models and ease of access to a wide variety of appropriate funders. At Cash Africa, we understand the challenges business owners and entrepreneurs face when capital is required to establish, support or grow their businesses. Following the severe impact COVID-19 and its resultant international lockdowns have had on global business, it is now more challenging than ever to secure relationships with funders and financiers who still have an appetite for risk. We take a more qualitative approach to address these challenges by steering away from the purely ‘checklist approach’. Our team actively participates in the assessment, preparation, development, presentation, and followthrough of each application in collaborative spaces between our team members, our clients and our funding panel. Cash Africa has established its own individual identity in providing unique and comprehensive funding solutions to businesses. Our focused skill practices are the driving force behind the care we provide to each transaction. We constantly look for ways to enhance our service portfolio and increase our footprint on South African soil to address the growing demand for effective partnerships with innovative and well-organised funding providers.

Cash Africa Offers credit and financial services, including the following:

  • Asset Finance.
  • Property Development Funding.
  • Bridging Finance for a variety of transaction types.
  • Bond Origination (new and further bonds).
  • Property Rent-to-Buy solutions for potential purchasers.
  • Legal Services and Estate Agents.
  • Insurance and Maintenance.

Their Mission is to position Cash Africa as the organisation of choice for entrepreneurs, business operators and commercial entities, by providing:

  • A comprehensive view of each client’s financial needs, and the right advice.
  • Financial expertise with a team approach and building lasting business relationships.
  • The knowledge to understand each client’s unique funding requirement.
  • The correct funding solution, which supports our clients’ businesses to recover, grow and expand.
  • Cost-effective solutions in a market filled with expensive funding options.

Their Vision is to establish one of the finest and most comprehensive assets funding and management companies in the finance industry, catering for private, commercial, and industrial clients in South Africa. Caring for our clients is a responsibility we take seriously, and through our Value System, Cash Africa is driven by:

  • Our high regard for a responsible financial system.
  • The creation of wealth for all.
  • Mutual respect.
  • A reputation is worthy of trust.

1. Completed & Signed Asset Funding Prospectus
2. Company Registration Documents (a.k.a. CIPC Documents)
3. ID Copies of Directors / Shareholders / Members / etc.
4. Company Letterhead
5. Proof of Business Address
6. Proof of Banking Details (Cancelled Cheque or Bank Letter)
7. Bank Statements (Full 6 Month’s History)
8. Latest Audited Financials
9. Latest Management Accounts (Full Set)
10. Proof of Installation Address (if different from Business Address)
11. Details of Manufacturer’s, Supplier’s and/or Installer’s Guarantees, Warranties and Extended Warranties
12. Quote (or Invoice) to Cash Africa for Equipment, Commissioning and/or Installation (as may be applicable)
13. Other Documents as per Request (Business Plan / Financial Projections / Signed Agreements / etc.)

General Terms and Conditions for Development Disbursements
1. Cash Africa’s NDA and FMFA (Funding Mandate and Fee Agreement) to be completed and signed (attached).
2. Funds are to be retained and disbursed on a “retention to complete” basis. Disbursements will only be made
as work progresses and on presentation of original Invoices signed by the client and authorised by the Client.
3. The assets are to be insured by Cash Africa, and our interests protected to our satisfaction.
4. All terms and conditions to be met as set out in Letter of Grant before any funds will be disbursed.
5. Incomplete document submissions will delay the application process and result in further, ongoing requests
for such documentation to be submitted prior to proceeding with the application. Cash Africa may ask for
further documentation, other than listed above, to support the application.
These documents are the qualifying criteria under which funding will be considered. Once all the documents are
compiled as set out in these criteria, it must be forwarded to our Associate for assessment and consideration.

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