How to make Bitcoin mining profitable

It is a known fact that many miners have been shut down due to the current bear market. It simply is not as profitable to mine Bitcoin and alt coins as a while ago. It is also true that one should always be on the lookout for opportunities to make money. Today, we take a look at a clever way to make Bitcoin mining profitable.

How to make Bitcoin mining profitable

All is not lost for miners. There are ways one can still grow your mined Bitcoin and alt coins.

Step 1

It starts with switching your miner back on. The machine(s) cannot make money if they are gathering dust. Be sure to send your Bitcoin to a wallet such as Exodus where you can access it daily.

Step 2

Visit to open an account. If the cryptocurrency market is quiet, it may be worth looking at investing in Forex trading. Bit4X allows you to deposit Bitcoin or link your debit card to your account to buy directly into Forex trading.

Step 3

Deposit your mining income into the Bit4X broker account so that the bot can quantify it. All that is left to do now is to sit back and watch as the bot makes money for you!

Why Forex trading?

Forex trading is less volatile than crypto trading. Crypto trading is known to be very risky and can produce big gains if you pick the right coin at the right time. However, with Forex trading, making profits is easy since the market is relatively stable.

With Bit4X you can expect anything from 2% and more return on your balance per week. Should you deposit your mined Bitcoin to the Forex account, your money will be growing regardless if Bitcoin is in a bear market. This way, you will still be earning a passive income.

Leave your capital and profits in the account for a year, and see growth of up to 334% based on the compounding interest formula.

Bit4X is fully licensed and works under supervision as a juristic rep of Iron FX.

Buying a miner

At the moment, one can get a miner for a very good price. If you don’t have any miners, log onto the Bitmart online shop to view our current special offers. Click here.



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